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About Us


Where does Easybudget see itself in the future?

Our goal is to assist 1000 Australian households achieve financial independence within the next 5 years. Looking further into the future, Easybudget seeks to expand its market reach by employing like-minded individuals who share our vision of improving the lives of others.

The Easy Budget Story

As a young man I had no financial literacy, having never been taught or really paid a great deal of attention to learning the value money. After leaving my home town of Darwin I joined the military to see the world. I did get the opportunities to see some parts of the world but I mostly got to see the Australian outback.

In 2003 I met my wife and we bought our first house in 2005 and consolidated our finances. We got married in 2007 with 2 children coming shortly after. This is when I realised the military was not conducive for my family so I joined the QFES (firefighter) in 2009 where I still work today.

This time period is when our finances went from 2 separate entities in to one combined strategy, focusing on the future for our family. The strategies we put in place have empowered us to get in a secure position with the ability to pay off our mortgage much earlier than anticipated. We are also investing for ourselves and children for a more secure future. Along the way we had to make sacrifices to stay accountable to the strategy while still doing the things we enjoy.

In 2015 I decided I wanted to be part of the finance industry and with encouragement from my wife (already in finance) I began my journey. I enrolled in the Diploma of financial planning which I finished in early 2017 and  have now completed my Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (2018). It was then that I was able to get work experience in Brisbane with a financial planning firm.

My Journey


  • Diploma in financial planning (Level 1: 2017)
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial (Level 2: 2018)


  • Worked with Brisbane based financial planner services in 2017.


I am a family man with 2 children who loves travelling and getting outdoors. I enjoy competing in local running, triathlon and mountain biking events to stay fit and motivated. One of my families main goals is to travel overseas every three years (Scotland is next 2020).

Our Goals

What we want to achieve

Easybudget aims to enable people to regain control of their finances, through budgeting and accountability. We do not want to take control of your accounts but help to educate you and change lifetime habits to create a healthy financial outlook for the future.

How we can help clients

Easybudget can help clients by using ever developing budgeting software to enable clients to get an exact understanding on where their money is going. Along the way we help to educate our clients about the financial sector to make it easier for them to navigate. We do this by using our personalised assistance and online education tools.